Out now!!! LA CRY - Songs about Shitshaking & Heartbreaking“. Stay tuned for more infos!


„Songs about Shitshaking & Heartbreaking“ - Download only, 2017

„Devilized“ - CD, Impact Records/Germany, 1996 „Devilized“ - LP, V.M.L. Records/USA,1996

"Fatter than Elvis, cooler than James Dean“ - CD, Nasty Vinyl/Germany, 1994


7" EPs:

„Mini Thin“ - V.M.L. Records/USA, 1996

"Am I Ernie?“ - V.M.L. Records/USA, 1996

„The Smell of Culture“ - Incognito Records/Germany, ca. 1993

„We are Different“ - Red Rossetten Records/Germany, ca. 1992



„The Search for the Best Vol.4“ - LP with Lost Lyrics, Echolettes, Mentally Damaged,… Red Rossetten Records, Germany, ca. 1991

„Crossing All Over, Vol.1“ - CD with Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bad Religion, Leningrad Cowboys, Suicidal Tendencies,… GUN Records, Germany, 1993

„When the Punks & Skins go Marching in Vol.2“ - Pic LP with Atemnot, Zona A, Blanks 77 … Red Rossetten Records, Germany, ca. 1993

„Fuck your Illusions Vol.2“ - CD, Wolverine Records, Germany, 1993

„Nasty Vinyl Sucks“ - 7“ with Lost Lyrics, Müllstation, Tattoed Corpse, Creetins, Kurt Urban Karlsson, Beton Combo, Nasty Vinyl Records, Germany,  1994

„Shut up and Pogo!“ - CD with Blanks 77, Lost Lyrics, Moped Läds, Combat Shock, Schüssler Dü,… Nasty Vinyl Records, Germany, ca. 1994

„Dynamite Magazine Vol.8“ - 7“ with Ellis Lesley & the Angry Teens, Clark’s Uptown Swingers, Dnyamite Magazine, Germany, 1995

„Freundschaft, Liebe Bier und Punk Rock“ - CD with Crassfish, Pissed Spitzels, Risikofaktor, Franz Flak, Totex,… Kadaver Records/Götterwind Imperium, Germany, ca. 1995

„Vitaminepillen III“ - CD with Wizo, English Dogs, Public Toys, Baffdecks, Schutt & Asche,… Vitaminepillen/Impact Records, Germany, ca. 1996

„Stay Wild Fanzine Compilation“ - LP with Eisenpimmel Wizo, Terrorgruppe, Richies, Schrottgrenze Bill Billy and the Fabulous Bill Billys, The Hippriests, Dog Food Five,… Stay Wild Records, Germany, ca. 1996

„Götterwind - Der Sampler“ - 10“ with Sonic Dolls, Risikofaktor, Happy Revolver,… Götterind Imperium/Banzai Records, Germany, ca. 1996

„Götter Dämmerung“ - Tribute to Die Ärzte, CD with Terrorgruppe, Die Fantastischen Vier, Sodom, Stimpy, Wizo, Die Kassierer, Fettes Brot, Fury in the Slaughterhouse, Mad Sin,… Gringo Records/Germany, 1997

„It’s aDamned Damned Damned World“ - The Damned Tribute, CD with Steve & the Jerks, Million Six, Stimpy, Sex Sex Sex, The Red King,… Satellite Records, USA, 1997

„Moegenkladder Sampler“ - CD with No Life Lost, Phantastix, Square the Circle,… Mahlzeit Records, Germany, 1999