Out now!!! LA CRY - Songs about Shitshaking & Heartbreaking“. Stay tuned for more infos!

LA CRY was formed in summer 1990 by Uwe (vocals), Sven (guitar), Markus (bass) and Jaybee (drums). After about five rehearsals we played our first show. More than 500 shows in Germany, USA, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Czech Republic followed. In this time we’ve supported the most of our favourite bands like Sloppy Seconds, Devil Dogs, Riverdales, The Queers, New Bomb Turks, The Lurkers, Trash Brats, Leatherface, US Bombs, Jeff Dahl, The Mr. T Experience, Sonic Dolls, Lost Lyrics,… and released a bunch of recordings (see “music”). Sven left the band in 1999 and the rest of the band continued for about 2 years with different guitarplayers. Now in 2015 we’ve decided to team-up again in the original line-up to play some shows and maybe more. Stay tuned!