25.01.2016: First show after 16 years!!!!  

25.01.2016: Favourite releases of the Plastic Bomb Crew 2015 (Swen) - released 1993


27.05.2015: Here's a video from our last rehearsal. Recorded with a shitty smartphone!

Hi folks! 

After about 15 years of disappearance we’ve decided to team-up again for some shows and maybe more. 

The line-up is still Uwe (vocals), Bubi (guitar), Markus (bass) and Jaybee (drums). 

We still have a complete unreleased album which we’ve recorded in 1997. It was produced by Yenz Voigt-Leonhardt and mastered by Flemming Rasmussen (Metallica). 

So if you’re running a record label and if you are crazy enough to release it, get in touch with us.  By the way, it’s the best album we’ve ever recorded. 

If you like to have us play at your club / festival, please get also in touch with us! 

See ya and prost! 

The real fab four 

April 2015